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Five Star Quality With A Personal Feel.

Care is not an extra cost

it’s an essential ingredient.


Great food, Great Service, and Great Atmosphere. That is the simple equation to making a memory at any great restaurant. Let us make your next memory today!

The 215 Restaurant is a Modern American Cuisine bringing you classic items like pizzas, burgers, dinner entrees or sandwiches and adding an extra flair. All it takes is a little more care. Stop in, take out, order delivery or order online today to experience the next level of flavor.



(724) 932 1222



215 Liberty Street

Jamestown, PA 16134



Tues-Sat 11am-9pm
Sun 11am-3pm





(724) 932-1222


Our purpose is local

Named after our address (215 Liberty Street) The 215 Restaurant prides itself on our locally sourced products such as the farm to fork burgers, steaks, and sausage. We also provide a local cheese, dairy, and more. We look for the freshest, high quality products for every customer in every bite. However, we take our precedent setting food standards and apply it to the “big picture”.

We understand that community is key and local support is of utmost importance. That is why you will see some of our menu items giving back to the local “Lion’s Club” and “Jamestown Volunteer Fire Department”. Our belief is that if you don’t give back some of what you have, then it was never worth having in the first place.

When you purchase a meal at The 215, you’re satisfying more than just your hunger. You’re helping to satisfy local jobs, local dreams, and a local community. For that, we thank you for choosing The 215 Restaurant.

With much gratitude for your patronage,

The 215 Crew

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Our Headquarters

215 Liberty Street / Po Box 215
Jamestown, PA, 16134
United States


Career Opportunity

Join a crew, a new family to fulfill your pocket but also your heart.

We are passionate about what we do,

how we do it and WHO we do it with.

Join us!


Check Out Our Other Projects

The 215 has the mindset that a community is made up of many people & many businesses. We strive to be an addition to great existing communities with our own touch. We love providing smiles to customers and jobs to our crew.

With the right “big picture” mindset, we can work together to create a better community…whether it’s where we started, or where we will go.


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